In Site Navigation

You can now navigate to different areas of the site using the links below the title. This feature is most useful for people who have a small resolution and don't want to scroll down to the bottom.

Webring membership

My site is now part of the casio programming webring.

New Color Scheme

Instead of my site being boring white it is now 3 shades of blue.

Small change

I have reshaped my site a little to include the news section. Compatibility and the poll are now at the top with the news. Contact me is still at the bottom. When I did that a couple of little things changed.

News section

I have made and added a little section to the page with news on my website.

Site v2

I have redesigned my page so that it is all on one page with the games in a table. I have also added a lot more information to the site and a contact email address.