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 Welcome to Casio games, a collection of programs for Casio fx-9860 and fx-9850. Enjoy.

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All my games require the high score program or they will crash at the end.


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These games were all made on my fx-9860 and may run slower then usual on fx-9850. Most programs should still be playable, but ship might run too slow. if you can or have advice to help me change the programs so they run better on the fx-9860 please email me.

Games and programs

Name Screenshot Information FX-9850 FX-9860

You are the white circle, you have to try and run away from the black circle for as long as possible, its almost the same as cat & mouse, the only difference is cat and mouse doesn't have lives.


You are the white circle, you have to try and run away from the black circle for as long as possible, its almost the same as mouse, the only difference is mouse has lives.


This is the classic arcade game of pong with a small add-on. If you can hit the black dot you get 10 bonus points. A great game for you to enjoy.


The aim of target is to keep the circle as close to the middle of the target as possible. The longer you keep the circle there and the closer to the middle


You are the white circle, you have to navigate to the white square while avoiding the mines (*) the enemy ship and the bullets. getting to the dollar sign gets you a 100 point bonus .

This is my high score board. It allows you to save your top 5 scores along with a 6 letter name for MOUSE, CAT & MOUSE, PONG2, DODGEMS, SHIP and TARGET. The program still contains multiple glitches.


You choose how many sides you want the die to have and when you press enter it will randomly generate a number from 1 to the number of sides on the die. Dice is a small useful program that is very handy to have


you are the white dot, you need to avoid the black dot until you get to the power up (lightning bolt). When you reach that you need to hit the black dots and then you'll complete the level.


Screenshot coming

29 programs, each one of them works as a screen saver. try them out and keep your favourite to use as a screen saver for your calculator when you aren't using it.


Screenshot coming

These are similar to the SAVERS but these work by changing one pixel at a time. PIXEL 3 & 4 need PIXEL 1 to work.


Enter any number and PRIMENO. will work out if it is prime or composite by testing every factor. It works but isn't very efficient with high numbers, I'm currently working on it so it can work faster with larger numbers.

Contact Me


If you want to contact me about my site or about my games please email me at casiogames@gmail.com. If you have any suggestions glitches or even better solutions to glitches please email me and I will reply as soon as possible.



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